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What is a Trusted Device and how do I set it up?

A Trusted Device is a supported desktop computer, phone or tablet that has the True Key app installed and has been confirmed as a device you own.

When a device is set as "trusted", it can be used as a security factor to verify it's you when signing in to the app. It's the second factor that is used when you sign in using the Basic security setting. You can also modify your profile settings from a Trusted Device.

When you sign in to the True Key app for the first time on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, that device is automatically set as a Trusted Device. When you sign in to the app on other devices, you can assign them as trusted directly from your True Key Profile in the app.

See how below.

How do I add a Trusted Device?

- In your True Key profile, go to Manage Trusted Devices.

- Select Add new device.

An email will be sent to your True Key email address to install the app. If the app is already installed, set your device as a Trusted Device directly from your True Key Profile.

Don't have this device anymore?

Head to Manage Trusted Devices in your True Key Profile and delete it by clicking on the trash can icon.

See how below.

There. You're all set to enjoy the True Key app on your Trusted Device, enjoy!

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