How do I add passwords on my Mac or PC?

Adding your first - or your 100th! - password is simple.

Here's three ways to do it:

  • Just surf the web like you normally do. Every time you land on a log in page, type in your username and password and sign in. That info is automatically saved.
  • In the app click the 'Add new login' button. Enter the details in each field and click Save to finish.
  • Saving your passwords in your browser or another password manager? You can easily import those passwords so you have all your info in one secure place. In the app, click the gear icon, then Import. Choose where you'd like to import from and that info will be imported so you can use it right away.

Once your passwords have been added, you won't need to type them again. To log in to a website, just click on the tile from your Launchpad, or visit the website directly. The True Key app will auto-fill your password and log you in. We’ll even click the “Log in” button for you!  



Read more about managing passwords and logins here.

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