How do I use the Password Generator?

The Password Generator is a great tool for creating the complex, strong passwords that security experts recommend for protecting your online accounts. You can use it when you're updating passwords or when you're creating a new online account.

Use the Generator on the browser extension by clicking on the Generator icon in your True Key app. Choose the types of characters and the length you'd like to use, then click 'Generate New'.

You can copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the appropriate field.

When creating a new account on a website, the Generator appears in a pop-up window next to the 'Enter New Password' field with a newly generated password ready to go.

To look up a generated password, click 'See list of generated passwords (history)' to view the list of passwords and the sites they were generated for. The Generator is also available on the mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

If you need a new password when you're on the go - maybe for creating an account on a new app, tap on the Generator icon in the menu. Copy the generated password on to your clipboard, then long tap and press 'Paste' to enter the newly generated password in to the appropriate field on the app.

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