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Why do I need to install the True Key app on my PC or Mac devices?

For access to your Logins, Safe Notes and Wallet data whenever you need it, you'll need to download and install the True Key app on all your devices.

  1. Instant Log In - Once you've saved a login to your True Key profile, you can log in instantly to that account. Simply type the URL in to your browser, or click on the logo of the site you'd like to visit on your Launchpad and the True Key app will fill in your username and password and log you in. No need to even touch your keyboard. If you have multiple accounts on the same site, a drop-down menu will allow you to choose which account you'd like to log in with.
  2. Generate Strong Passwords - Secure all your online accounts with a unique strong password. The Generator window will appear with a new strong password every time you are creating a new account. You can set the criteria of your generated passwords by visiting the 'Generator' on your browser extension or within the mobile app.
  3. Fast Access - Keep the True Key app ON while you browse for quick access to your logins.
  4. Manage Wallet - Easily add credit cards, family passport numbers, driver's licenses and more when you're on your desktop and view the data on your mobile phone within seconds thanks to automatic syncing between devices. Never get caught without the personal information you need, when you need it.
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