How secure is the True Key app? Why should I trust it with my passwords?

Here's how we keep your information secure:

  • Your passwords and wallet items are encrypted on your own device using AES-256, the strongest encryption available.
  • Only you have access to your information. We verify it's you using things that are unique to you (your Face, Fingerprint, a Trusted Device, or a Master Password that is only known by you). The more factors you have and use, the stronger your True Key profile becomes - you'll be prompted for at least one factor (in addition to using a Trusted Device) whenever you log in for stronger security.
  • No readable password or wallet information is sent over the Internet – not even to our servers.
  • On Intel based devices, the True Key app benefits from advanced hardware based security.
  • We've also put many other measures in place to make sure no one can access your information, including secure data centers with advanced network security systems, continuous real-time security monitoring, secure coding practices, third-party security reviews, and HSM-protected storage.
  • In addition, we provide multiple security controls so that users can decide how to configure the True Key app based on their needs. You can use our Password Generator to create strong passwords. Turn on auto-lock. And, you can set up True Key to always ask for your Master Password.

For more details, please see our Security White Paper.

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